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Annual Record for Matexi

Results – new annual record for Matexi

In its 2021 activity report, the Belgian neighbourhood developer Matexi reports record figures on two fronts: 1,800 residential units sold, and 1,763 houses and flats built. Turnover rose by 13% to €450 million. While the production and marketing figures published today by Matexi are impressive given the difficulties accumulated on both fronts for the time being, it is above all the operating profit (EBITDA), which is also on the rise – €56 million compared to €39 million in 2020 – that analysts and competitors are looking at for the time being.

Even more surprisingly, the first months of 2022 show a continuation of this positive trend. “Despite the economic challenges we are facing at the moment, Matexi continues to focus on affordability for customers and stresses that the agreed prices will remain unchanged,” insists CEO Olivier Lambrecht. For the next few years, the project pipeline has also been greatly expanded, with a programme of almost 5,000 additional housing units.

Architect: Altiplan

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