Network & Lunch Spots

Time is money! Don’t waste your precious time searching for food or drinks.
Grab a bite, drink and network at one of our catering spots at Realty.

Food Market & Bars

Realty Food Market and Bars

Dry mouths or rumbling stomachs are not allowed at Realty. So we placed three bars and some picnic spots where you can eat, drink and network.

Are you looking for a fast, tasteful meal? We parked a few foodtrucks at Gare Maritime to offer you a large selection of food & drinks. 

You don’t have to book a table, since the Food Market is very accessible.

Realty Restaurant

Are you looking for a more formal, luxurious lunch spot at Gare Maritime? Reserve your table at our Realty Restaurant ‘Maison de la Poste’ by filling in the contact form below.

Opening hours:
21 & 22 September
From 12 AM to 2 PM

Maison de la Poste

Book a table at Maison de la Poste

Reserve a table for 2 to 8 people at Realty’s restaurant Maison de la Poste. 

Please note that you will receive a confirmation email once your reservation has been successful.
Do you want to cancel your reservation? Please contact us.

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