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20 & 21 September 2022 | Gare Maritime - Brussels

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The Residential Investment Market: booming or challenging?
Retail Strategies
What are the most important challenges in the industry? How do we radically change the end-user experience? What role is the metaverse playing? What are the expansion strategies and how do these align with the changing distribution model?
European cities that inspire
Architecture and urban planning with mayors from foreign European cities
Co-Living and Smart Living
A new trend for investors and residents. What’s the impact on “living together”?
Sustainable Buildings
What solutions are needed to achieve carbon neutrality in buildings? Which measures, financial instruments and technologies can help us with the decarbonisation of our existing stock? Why the distinction between embodied and operation carbon?
Soaring Energy Costs
Their impact on the real estate market and how to reduce them
Finals of the PropTech Startup & Scaleup Europe Awards
Affordable housing
Kot, apartment, social housing and services all around. Is the public sector still at the command? The necessary private-public alliance
The Office Market
What is the impact of the increasing demand for flexibility? What does the end user expect from workspace providers? What is the strategy of innovative landlords? What is the importance of well-being, productivity, talent retention, etc.?
Saint-Gilles Prison
Case study of the reconversion of the Saint Gilles Prison by Students (ULB-VUB) master in construction engineering
Accelerate Building Permission with Better Stakeholder Management
The role of civic organisations and the need for dialogue between the various actors
UPSI Conference: Construction costs
Their impact on the real estate market and how to reduce them at the European Level
Conversion of an Industrial Site
Valorisation, dialogue between private and public partners.
Realty Belgium summit conferences
Realty Real Estate SUmmit


Gare Maritime at Tour& Taxis, Brussels

Practical info

Belgium’s Real Estate Summit

Tuesday 20 September 2022 from 09:30 am  to 9 pm
Wednesday 21 September 2022
 from 09:30 am to 9 pm

Realty conferences: Tuesday & Wednesday from 10 am to 6 pm
Realty Night: Tuesday & Wednesday from 6 pm to 9 pm

In 2022 Realty takes place in the magnificent setting of “Gare Maritime” (Tour & Taxis) in Brussels.
rue Picardstraat 11 – 1000 Brussels


Gare Maritime Brussels

14 great topics

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The 15 minute city
A vision for a decentralized urban area that allows residents to meet their daily needs within a quarter-hour walk or bike from their homes, the concept has been pursued as a means of cutting greenhouse emissions and boosting livability in a host of global cities.
The workplace after Covid
Covid changed our working habits. How will this impact surfaces and services? Tenants expect real estate and service solutions that are flexible and healthy for their employees.
The reliable public service
Most large developments suffer from years of delays because of legal actions by citizens, complex administrative processes and an outdated legal frameworks. This results in increasing development risks and increasing prices of real estate. Time to discuss about this major bottleneck.
Alternative financing in real estate
Financing real estate with only bank financing is becoming increasingly challenging. This creates opportunities for new types of financing such as the emission of obligation, crowdlending, crowdfunding or even private equity. Discover the benefits and dangers of these new financing methods.
The sustainable city
Today’s cities need to quickly adapt. They need resilience against climate change, they use technology and data to measure their growth impact, they adopt circularity to become less destructive and they embrace adaptive reuse with respect for their past.
Affordable housing
A new entrant is opening up the housing market. Private organisation raise money on the stock market to build and finance tailor made building which are then leased for 30 years by local collectivities. How will this affect climate, mobility and affordability?
The Rental Market Shift
The residential market is rapidly evolving from an owner to a lender market due to increasing prices, more restrictive bank loans and decreasing purchasing power. How will this shift impact the housing strategies of families, the market and the quality of housing?
The New European Bauhaus
The New European Bauhaus is an environmental, economic and cultural project, aiming to combine design, sustainability, accessibility, affordability and investment in order to help deliver the European Green Deal.
EU Proptech Awards
The digitalization of real estate generated thousands of European startups that offer innovative solutions through the value chain and in all asset classes. We will select and present the most promising initiatives and share insights how large organizations can benefit from this revolution.
The rise of asset management
Specialised asset manager play an increasingly important role in attracting international capital stream into the Belgian market. What is the share of asset managers in the top 100 largest investors in Belgium ? Who are the largest players and which type of assets & clients do they bring at the table?
Wood constructions
Wood is gaining traction as a sustainable construction material, mainly thanks to new techniques such as CLT. How is this impacting the climate change? What are the challenges to use wood in large constructions? What about fire risk our long term maintenance?
Co-working vs. the hybrid office
The coworking market has seriously been affected by the Covid pandemic. The relationship between real estate investors and operators is rapidly evolving from a simple rental agreement to a more complex and hybrid model. How will the future look like for these operators? And how will this impact valuation models?
Social Impact of Real Estate
Our sector is competing for talent with other industries and unfortunately real-estate isn’t winning this battle. Our student team is selecting each year one hundred students who graduate 2021. Our partners are invited to pitch their respective company to this particularly promising audience.
High potentials
Real estate affects community outcomes. It represents one of the largest investments of any household or organization, shapes how our communities are designed and built, and plays a large role in our local and national economy. It’s time we start to see Real estate as more than a passive (and huge) asset class, but as a catalyst for societal change.

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