17 - 18 september 2024 - Gare Maritime, Brussels

Newcomer – Monoma to offer temporary conversion solutions for vacant buildings

Belgium currently has a huge amount of vacant real estate, while at the same time there is an increased need for affordable housing and workplaces close to home. Monoma, one of the brands of the Dutch group Mosaic World, which is entering the Belgian market, wants to remedy this by offering new solutions for temporary conversion. And without further ado, it is appealing directly to the authorities for the creation of a clear legal framework around vacancy, which today simply does not exist. Mosaic World was founded as Camelot in the Netherlands in 1993 and offers various temporary accommodation and work solutions through five brands. Over the years it has grown into a company of 250 people, which in total has successfully managed over 100,000 properties in more than 10,000 community projects.

Photo credit: Monoma

Photo caption: Monoma manages the temporary occupation of the Koningsbosch monastery, located in the border area between the Netherlands and Germany, and the Aurora centre in Espoo (Finland).

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