17 - 18 september 2024 - Gare Maritime, Brussels

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Transactions – The Netherlands gets a new headquarters in Brussels

The Dutch government has signed a contract with the Belgian developer Eaglestone to take care of the office part of the project currently being developed on the corner of Rue de Trèves and Rue de Toulouse, at the heart of the European quarter, starting from 2024. Eaglestone Group purchased a corner building in 2020 from the CSC (Confederation of Christian Trade Unions), ideally located near the main institutions of the European Union. The developer then directly launched a major mixed (office-housing) renovation project for which planning permission was granted last February. Since then, the contracting of the works and the marketing have been finalised. The general contractor BPC (CFE) has taken on the challenge of delivering the project in 2024. And it was the government of the Netherlands that quickly took up the option of the office part of the project to make it its Brussels showcase. The presence of related new housing within the same project is also a significant asset for future occupants. The sale exceeds €78 million for the approximately 8,200 square metres of office space.  

Architect: Axent


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