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Transactions – ING sells Hôtel Coudenberg to Jaspers family

At the end of August, ING entrusted the Allten agency with an exclusive sales mandate for Hôtel Coudenberg, a unique building erected on Place Royale/Koningsplein in 1776 and
occupied without interruption for almost a century by banking institutions. 

ING, the latest of these, put this small 2,000 square metre palace on the market because its recently converted headquarters on Avenue Marnix (Trône) will henceforth have a space entirely dedicated to its art collection, which up to now has been housed on three levels in the Hôtel Coudenberg, adjacent to the Royal Palace. 

For the past three months, visits by prospective buyers have followed one upon another, raising the bids beyond Allten’s expected price. The transaction has just been finalised for the benefit of the holding company Arch Invest, the family real estate vehicle managed by Laurent Jaspers, son of the renowned architect Michel. The sum offered, around 15 million euros, is far higher than the initial valuation.

Photo credit: Allten

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