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Transactions – e-maprod buys the Bovenberg, the historical property of the Blaton family in Woluwe-Saint-Pierre

The e-maprod group has signed an agreement to acquire the shares of FCE (Foncière du Carrefour de l’Europe), the company that owns the Bovenberg estate located in Woluwe-Saint-Pierre.

This property of more than two hectares belonged to the Blaton family for several generations. Armand Joseph Blaton had acquired it in 1902 for his own occupation before transferring it to his son, Armand Eugène, and then to Ado, Jean and Gérald Blaton. The estate was then transferred to the SA Foncière du Carrefour de l’Europe which, under the impetus of its directors, Catherine, Dominique and Philippe Blaton, redeveloped the property, notably by constructing a new apartment building.

This exceptional estate, with its private park and pond, is now part of the private assets of the e-maprod group (Stéphane Benaym). For Christian Stenuit, CEO of e-maprod, the acquisition of the Bovenberg property fits perfectly into the strategy of the real estate development group “which, in addition to development projects, also acquires existing residential real estate complexes. Our development business is indeed only one of the hats worn by our group. And since the arrival of Gaëtan de Lantsheere (CIO), we have seriously strengthened our investment in property,” he adds.

The estate currently consists of three entities: the Bovenberg Residence, a residential building with 11 high quality apartments; the Bovenberg Village, a complex of 12 houses with private gardens; and the Cobran building, an office building of +- 1,327 m² with an industrial character.

Nicolas Vincent, the director and co-founder of consulting agency BuyerSide, has been quietly working on acquiring the estate for several years. “After failing during due diligence with a previous client (in the midst of Covid), we thought of presenting this opportunity to Stéphane Benaym during the summer of 2021. He very quickly embraced our business plan and immediately understood the advantages of the project. The main difficulty was to develop such a prestigious complex. In fact, there is no point of comparison on the market for such a rare property of this standing,” he explains.

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