17 - 18 september 2024 - Gare Maritime, Brussels

Brussels and Wallonia: The Future we Want. The City we Need

Today’s political decisions have an impact on 2050 targets

We can no longer ignore it. How we will all live, reside and work in the (near) future concerns every real estate professional. How will cities adapt to our future needs? But those who zoom out further will also see that almost each European city has its own targets and prescribes its own rules to meet climate goals.

In one of our debates during Realty 2023, we will discuss the future we envision and the cities we “need”. We will zoom in specifically on Brussels and Wallonia. Brussels obviously plays no small part in this as capital of Europe. During the debate, several mayors from Brussels, Liège, Louvain-La-Neuve, Braine-L’Alleud and Gembloux in particular will talk about the evolution of their city or municipality towards 2050. 

But before we reach 2050, there is another important milestone in 2030. Because by then, our country aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 35 per cent. Moderator Aurel Gavriloaia (who will co-chair the debate with Charleroi’s Master Architect Georgios Maillis) therefore points out that at the next elections in 2024 and in the new legislature, every (regional) politician will benefit from drawing up the right guidelines. Indeed, he points out that one legislature cannot solve everything and that it is therefore necessary to start thinking now about the long-term vision to achieve the 2050 targets together with all our governments. Because the message is clear: by 2050, all of us in Europe want to achieve a climate-neutral economy. 

“When I was on holiday in Copenhagen a few years back, it took only a few minutes to realise how that city is committed to sustainability. Copenhagen wants to be the first European city to reach ‘zero carbon’ status by 2025. It is a long-term job, and we all bear responsibility. The cities and municipalities we are bringing to the forefront in this debate have already made strides in developing their region over the years. It is therefore fascinating to discuss their policies and see what the plans are for the coming years.” Aurel Gavriloaia

The debate “Brussels and Wallonia: The future we want. The city we need” takes place on 19 September at 3:30 pm. 

View Realty’s full programme here.

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