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Syndi.be: Your gateway in the world of Belgian Condominiums

A Comprehensive Platform of Condominiums and Condo Managers
Syndi.be, founded in 2019 by Steven De Herdt and Bart Van Sichem, has rapidly emerged as a game-changer in the Belgian real estate sector. This visionary company is solely owned by its founders and offers a unique platform that caters to two key pillars: condominiums and condo managers. With an impressive database of approximately 98,000 Belgian condominium buildings, Syndi.be provides a comprehensive suite of services designed to streamline processes and offer valuable insights to various stakeholders in the industry.

Condominiums: Simplifying the Search Process
One of the standout features of Syndi.be is its powerful condominium database, which serves as a treasure trove of information for industry professionals and enthusiasts. With a user-friendly interface and an innovative connector, Syndi.be allows users effortlessly to consult condo managers for their respective searched buildings. The recent launch of their photo search engine in 2023 has taken the platform to new heights, enabling users to identify condominiums based on photographs alone. Detailed information such as the year of legal constitution, contract dates of condo managers, location, estimated letterboxes, satellite and front photos, and even a breakdown of the buildings’ distribution in terms of building types (residential, parking, and commercial) is readily available.

Condo Managers: Empowering Professionals and Streamlining Connections
In addition to its comprehensive condominium information, Syndi.be also offers a specialised platform about condo managers, including non-professional (co-owner) condo managers. This segment provides an extensive list of condo managers, along with detailed information about their clients and the buildings they manage. Since 2019, Syndi.be has been diligently tracking the customer evolution of condo managers, including mergers and takeovers. By centralising this critical data, Syndi.be empowers condo managers and other suppliers with insights and analytics that help them better serve their clients and make informed decisions for their portfolios. By leveraging the condo managers’ portfolios, users of Syndi.be can easily navigate the platform and directly engage with the condo manager, eliminating the need for endless searches and ensuring a seamless experience.

Expanding Horizons: Continuous Improvement and Enhanced Building Information
Syndi.be’s dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction is evident in its ongoing testing phase to incorporate additional building information into each condominium’s profile. Elevator availability, floor levels, energy certificates, and other relevant details will be seamlessly integrated into the platform depending on the testing result. This commitment to continuous improvement positions Syndi.be as the go-to resource and preferred reference point for anyone exploring the Belgian condominium real estate landscape.

Clientele and Services
Syndi.be has quickly garnered attention and attracted a diverse range of customers who benefit from its extensive array of services. These customers include insurance companies, elevator companies, telecom providers, energy suppliers, solar companies, green roof specialists, maintenance services, renovation firms, and condo managers. By utilising Syndi.be’s platform, these customers gain exclusive insights into the Belgian condominium market, accessing valuable information about condominiums and condo managers. This collaborative synergy between Syndi.be and its diverse customer base not only fosters innovation but also drives growth within the Belgian real estate industry.

Visit Syndi.be at Realty Belgium’s Real Estate Summit
Realty Belgium’s Real Estate Summit presents an exciting opportunity for industry professionals to experience Syndi.be’s groundbreaking platform firsthand. We invite you to explore the Syndi.be website, where you can access its features, browse the extensive condominium database, and discover the power of streamlined real estate processes and accurate building information. Additionally, don’t miss the chance to visit Syndi.be’s exhibitor booth at the event, where their knowledgeable team will be available to provide demonstrations and answer any questions you may have.

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