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Summit – Brussels to host next World Urban Development Congress

In early July, the Metropolis Board of Directors approved Brussels’ bid to host its World Congress, which is held every three years and is one of the world’s most renowned events on the subject of metropolitan development.

This decision came on the heels of an initial approval by Eurocities to hold its annual city congress at the same time in Brussels, as well as the decision of the OECD to organise the annual OECD Champion Mayors for Inclusive Growth summit in Brussels. These three events will be grouped under the umbrella of the Brussels Urban Summit 2023. Co-organised by Metropolis, Eurocities and the OECD, the event will be held at the Mont des Arts from 12 to 15 June, 2023. This international congress, sponsored by the Brussels Region and the City of Brussels, will bring together policy makers, experts and representatives of civil society from more than 350 large cities.

Metropolis is a network of more than 130 large cities and metropolitan regions with more than one million inhabitants. Its members share their knowledge and experience in order to be better equipped to face tomorrow’s metropolitan challenges. The network defends the interests of large cities on the international scene.

Eurocities is the largest and most influential city network in Europe and brings together more than 200 large and medium-sized European cities from 39 countries, representing a total of 130 million people.  

As for the OECD, in 2016 it launched the Champion Mayors for Inclusive Growth. Its annual summit, dedicated mainly to inclusive growth in urban contexts, is a prestigious event that has been held successively in New York, Paris, Seoul and Athens.

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