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Spaceflow – a digital tenant experience solution that helps property owners streamline repetitive, time-consuming operations

Reasons Why Top Landlords Use Spaceflow

1. Digitizing Operations

Issue reporting, document management, resource booking – simply collecting all property operations under one roof and decreasing property managers’ workload, reducing hassles for occupiers and boosting efficiency.

2. Enhancing Community

Promoting events, bringing in service partners, gathering opinion polls, sharing news and staying in touch via messaging to bring a sense of community to the property.

3. Having A Remote Control of the Building

Overseeing visitor registrations, managing contactless entry for all space users, accepting payments, offering promotions and discounts from one platform – as well as making papers, keys and credit cards a thing of the past.

Spaceflow in Numbers

  • 30M square feet covered
  • 20 languages supported
  • 70% of users say that thanks to Spaceflow they stay up to date on building updates
  • 68% of occupants claim that Spaceflow has enhanced their life in the building

Why is Tenant Experience Important?

Tenants’ demands and needs in the real estate market are changing with the post-2020 digitalization boom. It is essential for landlords to minimise vacant space while simultaneously increasing asset value through progressive initiatives. Weak tenant-centric capability and lack of data about tenants’ needs and satisfaction might lead to loss of competitive advantage and thus losing occupiers.


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