17 - 18 september 2024 - Gare Maritime, Brussels


Solv is a unique method combining AI with human mediation to generate optimal project scenarios allowing you to get faster permits with lower risk and a better socio-environmental impact for large and complex project developments. 

Solv operates on a cloud-based system and generates different project scenarios where stakeholders express their input and preferences, and decision makers assess and monitor the results. What differentiates Solv is its holistic approach to identify risks and systematically collect knowledge for inclusive proposals and evidence-based analyses. Combining the input from investors, institutional actors as well as key local stakeholders, the Solv methodology offers a flexible analysis that contextualizes input and uses technology to assess the project environment and optimize possible outcomes. 

Come and listen to our session on the second day in the Realty Forum II and visit our booth for a live demo. Feel free to make a direct appointment to discuss a new project and don’t forget to register and like our LinkedIn page for updates and news.


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