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Retail – Jean-Pierre Lutgen (Ice Watch) forces the reopening of Galerie Louise

Jean-Pierre Lutgen, better known as the creator and CEO of the Ice Watch company, owns a good part of the entrance to the Galerie Louise on Place Stéphanie and has just completed the renovation of the shops, which partly belonged in the past to an antique dealer. Tired of waiting for the opening of all the shop fronts of the Galerie Louise in the Elsene (Ixelles) district, which has been under construction for five years, he has decided to go it alone and reopen his own shop fronts on 15 DecemberCompletion work is well under way. The renovated portion will house an art gallery and a concept store, probably with a flexible catering space as required. And for safety reasons, the entire Galerie Louise will also be accessible in its current unfinished state without tenants.

Photo credit: Philippe Coulée

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