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Results – Last half-yearly balance sheet linked to DEME for CFE

The CFE group (BPI Real Estate – BPC Group, stand 38), which has subsidiaries in Belgium, Poland and Luxembourg, used the period of preparation for the partial demerger with DEME to refocus its strategy on its core real estate business (construction and renovation) and to strengthen its financial structure. Its equity has almost doubled over the past twelve months and reached 197 million euros at the end of June. During the same period, net financial debt fell by around 100 million euros.

In addition, the construction site for the new CFE headquarters, which is currently being built on avenue Demey in Auderghem, is progressing rapidly. The mixed project combining the WoodHub office centre (1/3, 6,700 m²) with the Serenity Valley residential centre (2/3, 14,000 m²) is intended to be a model for the circular economy and CO2 neutral construction. It will be firmly based on wood and will be entirely dismountable and recyclable (LCA standards, lifecycle analysis). The architectural firm in charge of its design is none other than Archi2000 (Architectural Square). Its mission is to push the circularity of materials, partly recovered from other building sites and from in situ deconstruction, to the limit. The whole will be structured around a hybrid wood/concrete framework (CREE).

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