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How telecommunications and real estate are connected – Proximus

Telecommunications companies are also increasingly connected to the real estate sector. And this goes beyond the internet and phone connection in a home or office. Did you know, for example, that Proximus makes location-based analyses in order to pass on socio-demographic information to property developers and promoters? This in turn helps the latter to choose and develop the most successful housing types per region.

The fibre-optic network increasingly provided by the network operator allows architects and contractors to use “augmented and mixed reality” applications throughout the construction project. This immediately reduces the risk of errors, speeds up the construction process and reduces costs.

But it’s not only the construction process that should be (cost-)efficient; ideally energy costs should also be reduced at all times. “Aug-e” energy management software can reduce these costs by 30 per cent and even generate income by selling surplus energy and the flexibility of electrical assets in the buildings.

Once the building is ready for use, it is then convenient for landlords and property managers to communicate efficiently with users. For example, thanks to “FlexIO”, automated (voicemail) messages are sent.

And as icing on the cake, the super-fast fibre network is offered free of charge for six months to buyers or tenants of the building via owners, managers and other real estate players – who are customers of Proximus.

For all Proximus property-related info, please visit: www.proximusrealestate.be

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