17 - 18 september 2024 - Gare Maritime, Brussels


DELPOWER is a Belgian energy service company that designs and implements energy transition plans for companies and public authorities by leveraging engineering expertise and high value-added technology solutions.

Our offer can be summarized as follow:

  • Audit and engineering: carrying out energy diagnosis, transition plans, technical studies, etc.
  • Monitoring: installation of sensors and meters for the visualisation of data (energy, temperature, process, air quality, water, etc.). We’re offering plug-&-play solution for monitoring applications (heating, hvac, air quality, temperature, PV, tank level etc.)
  • Project management: design and management of energy optimisation projects.
  • EASEE: development and delivery of a dedicated energy transition solution (EASEE). EASEE is a web application that enables you to carry out energy and CO2 assessments, build action plans, prioritize your investments, monitor your energy consumptions & follow the KPIs of your energy transition to meet your ambitious reduction targets.

Our strength lies in the technical and energy expertise of our engineers. We do everything possible to ensure that your organization makes a success of its energy transition by easing all its processes. Collaborating with us will allow you to know exactly where lies your potential to improve your sustainability goals and what is the most coherent and concrete strategy to achieve them. In order to fulfil our primary mission, we developed the EASEE platform that will help you master the necessary features to handle your infrastructures : an energy management system to monitor your building technics in real time and create and follow your transition plan along the years.

Come at Realty in September (20-21) and meet Maxime, our business developer, on booth 47.


Delpower website (FR) : https://delpower.be/Easee

Website (FR & EN) : https://easee.energy/

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