17 - 18 september 2024 - Gare Maritime, Brussels


Local energy systems are the key for our transition to a resilient, green digital, decentralized, and decarbonized grid. By making local energy interact smartly, the newly formed communities can be a huge force to enable the energy transition. Not all the local power is currently managed. For example, most experts estimate that over 90% of non-utility solar inverters and over 95% of home EV chargers are not managed and operated independently.

Without control, increasing amounts of renewable power can actually do more damage than good in our grid, which has not really changed in 100 years. Therefore, we need to build community energy systems, where all energy assets of the community work together to ensure that local renewable energy production is used or stored locally, while also maintaining the grid balance and making the grid more resilient. That is exactly what the experts of the CREATORS initiative are doing: creating community energy systems.

CREATORS unite the know-how and expertise of 23 partners who are jointly developing an integrated solution which combines high-end simulation and emulation, business modelling and automated operation capabilities with one goal: to empower local communities to establish and operate advanced community energy systems. We are designing an energy community as a service approach, available for anyone who wants to take advantage of their local power potential. Come and meet our expert team and state of the art smart data-based approach and learn what value your local power actually possess.


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