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Cordeel Group, the one-stop building partner

Cordeel Group is an independent family-owned business with 1,600 employees and an
annual turnover of 800 million euros.

With roots in Belgium, Cordeel Group has grown to become a major European player in the
construction and real estate industry, and now oversees a number of companies,
alliances and joint ventures.  The companies that operate under the Cordeel Group banner are each highly specialized in their own field.  We work together or independently to create sustainable, future-proof solutions for our clients’ complex requirements. From this broad expertise, we take care of the complete construction process from design and technical support to completion and maintenance.

Building a passionate CO2-free future
Sustainable business is not a fashion trend for Cordeel, but a way of doing business. With
our mission “building a passionate CO2-free future”, we are actively committed
to becoming a leading example in the construction world and to encourage other
companies to build a more sustainable world.

Cordeel Group actively focuses on innovation by researching innovative technologies
that are both eco- and people-friendly. Our umbrella innovation department
C-innovation, accelerates these developments through all companies of the
Cordeel Group. It also ensures that innovations get to our customers and onto
the market.

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