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Backbone – Better real estate visuals. Faster.

Backbone enables real estate companies to market their properties better and faster. Order every type of visual product available to real estate on their all-in-one platform.

Their platform organizes the whole project from start to finish. From ordering visuals, to production, editing, collaboration and ultimately, distribution. All of which simply means: Less hassle, and more sales.

Backbone’s product portfolio covers the whole range of visuals available to real estate. It consists of ground photography, videography, drone photos and video, 3D staging, virtual visits, 3D renderings and floor plans.
All products are delivered by real estate specialists with post-production to the highest quality standards. The foundations for Backbone’s service are technological solutions and operational efficiency combined with the visual excellence of their real estate Creatives.

Backbone is a young company, originally founded in 2018 in Switzerland by three photography enthusiasts to provide a professional platform for aspiring professional visual artists.

Today, Backbone provides visuals as a service to the real estate sector through its platform, while continuing to support photographers and other creative talent. Their Creatives benefit from centralized client acquisition, an abundance of work projects and a steady stream of revenue.

Talented Creatives are at the heart of Backbone’s service, with their proprietary platform technology to speed up and manage visual project completion.

Backbone guarantees: Instant ordering of visuals with 48 hour delivery. Consistent high quality, anytime, anywhere. Manage and collaborate all visual assets on one platform.

Backbone focuses exclusively on real estate while offering all visual products available on the market, through one service platform. Operating in Switzerland, Austria, Germany and now Belgium, the market-leading Swiss visuals provider offers real estate companies the best solution for all their visual real estate property marketing needs.

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