17 - 18 september 2024 - Gare Maritime, Brussels

An interview with Hein Dirix, Managing Director SPIE Belgium & Luxembourg

Realty becomes a summit. Who would you like to meet?
In addition to partners en potential customers, we also want to meet a number of startups, who can introduce new technologies. 

What are the challenges for the future, for SPIE?
A number of our customers are still building buildings that are under occupied. Where space are heated, cooled or ventilated when no-one is present. There are still to manu inefficiencies in the use of our buildings.

What are the solutions? 
Technologies to optimize these matters, already exist. The problem is that they have to be integrated together with the existing technologies. 

Hein Dirix, Managing Director SPIE Belgium & Luxembourg, partner of Realty 2019

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