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A debate about real estate is only interesting if you give all the stakeholders a voice – Patrick Luysterman

Journalist Patrick Luysterman will moderate several debates at Realty this year. But, drawing on his years of experience, how does he define an engaging real estate debate? What ingredients are needed to form a real added value for every Realty visitor, many of whom already dwell, as professionals, in the world of real estate day in and day out? He is happy to explain to us, and to you. 

One of the things Luysterman mentions is the need for “fact & figures”. What is discussed during a debate should be explained and substantiated by the speakers with clear, factual and statistical information. A bit like good journalism, in other words. Hence, from Realty’s perspective, it is important to provide two days of engaging panel discussions that offer visitors new perspectives, enable them to learn something, and provoke their thoughts.

Another important aspect according to Luysterman is to give a voice to all stakeholders in the topic under discussion. For instance, a debate on the impact of sustainability on the financing of a project will require the voice of a developer as well as the banking sector, and in a debate on coastal real estate, it’s best to have the local mayor and a policy officer as well as a developer as speakers. But international voices are also important. For example, how does Belgium compare to other European countries when we look at sustainable buildings that nevertheless remain affordable for Joe Public? 

“Moreover, a debate is only really engaging when not everyone delivers the same message and therefore an engaging conversation – read healthy discussion – ensues. We have ensured that the themes of the debates will provide lively and interesting moments for everyone present at the summit,” Luysterman enthuses. 

The common threads throughout the debates that Luysterman will moderate are the sustainability, financing and affordability of real estate projects, and to what extent all these ambitions are realistic in view of the 2050 (climate) goals.

Here is a summary of the debates:

You can see the full Realty programme here.

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