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New! Buy 5 tickets (or more) and get 15 % off

You can now apply for a group ticket when you are planning on buying 5 or more tickets and save 15 % on the total purchase. Please fill out the form below and mention the number of tickets you request, the names and functions of the participants and your invoice details. When your request is accepted, we’ll follow up with you personally. 

you want to purchase 8 tickets. The standard price would be  8 x 800 EUR = 6.400 EUR. You can enjoy a group discount of 960 EUR (6.400 EUR x 15 %). 

Please be aware that the following conditions apply:

  • This offer is restricted to employees and/or administrators working for the same company. Not valid for external partners or customers.
  • This request is not valid until verification and approval by Easyfairs
  • This offer is valid until 15 July

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