Yves Lemmens is the CEO of SLRB, the public interest institution responsible for developing and promoting public housing in the Brussels Capital Region. He graduated in Management and Applied economic sciences and started his career in the Federal Public Service Finance in 1979 as economist. In 1983 he started working for the National Housing Corporation and he participated in the foundation of the Brussels Housing Corporation (SLRB), where he became CEO in 2008.
With his many years of experience in the housing sector in Brussels, Yves Lemmens contributes with his knowledge and expertise to its development. He is very passionate about his job and always puts the improvement of the quality of life of social tenants first.
He is also the treasurer of Housing Europe, the European federation of public, cooperative and social housing that unites 43.000 housing providers in 25 countries with the same purpose: maintaining a social Europe through affordable housing.


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