Bart Somers

Mr. Bart Somers is a Flemish politician and member of the Open Vld Party. He has been minister-president of the region of Flanders, party president, group chairman for Open Vld in the Flemish Parliament, and president of the ALDE-group in the Committee of the Regions. Since 2001 Bart Somers is Mayor of the city of Mechelen and was awarded the World Mayor Prize in 2006 for his outstanding efforts in the long-term integration of immigrants from different cultures, religions and social backgrounds. He transformed Mechelen from a grey and neglected city to one of the most attractive places in Belgium and a worldwide model for integration. In October 2019 he became Vice-Minister-President of the Government of Flanders and Minister for home affairs, administrative affairs, civic integration, and equal opportunities, Government of Flanders, Belgium.


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