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Unlatch has developed a collaborative workspace between stakeholders and automated the new homes buying process to make the process seamless, simple, secured and fast.

This is done from the initial enquiry through the management of the stock and documents then across the entire sales process, including automated drafting documents. In other words, Unlatch helps accelerate the productivity, save hours of work each year and improve the relationship with the customers from the very first lead up to the delivery of their property.

Thanks to our unique access management system, our clients can dictate user rights, choose who can view and perform different tasks on the platform to best suit how you work.

Our Contract Automation Technology (CAT) automates the drafting of even the most complex documents. Also, our sales progression milestones, automated tasks, and progression tools push our clients to act, stay organised and maintain full control of their reservations and sales teams, both internal and external.

The manual processes of signing contracts on paper reduce the productivity of employees, delay the business results and create legal and compliance risks. It also involves printing, scanning and re-keying data, and therefore additional costs. However, with the electronic signature, these burdens are removed.

The electronic signature we propose on Unlatch is legal and binding. It respects current regulation on electronic signature. For instance, Docusign electronic signature provides the eIDAS certification, while itsme provides a qualified electronic signature (QES) with the verification of the ID.

Unlatch offers a successful experience to your purchaser, from the moment you sign the reservation form until the delivery. They have their own access to a client portal where they can follow the progress of the project.

Based in Paris, Unlatch, established itself in mainland Europe as the leading digital transaction platform for real estate developers and their agents. We also launched the solution in Spain, Portugal, Benelux and more recently in the UK.

To consolidate its commercial and technological lead, Unlatch continues to develop new features in collaboration with their clients, such as a prospect portal, document sharing for all stakeholders including your notary and the purchaser’s notary, call for funds and analysis tools.

Unlatch has proven the value of our solution in different countries and its ability to replicate the solution to accommodate local laws.

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