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Syndi.be: Your gateway in the world of Belgian Condominiums and Homeowners’ Associations.

Syndi.be is a groundbreaking platform in the Belgian real estate sector, founded in 2019 by Steven De Herdt and Bart Van Sichem. This unique company provides a comprehensive database of condominiums and condo managers, revolutionizing the industry.

With a current database of approximately 98,000 Belgian condominium buildings and still monthly growing, Syndi.be simplifies the search process by offering a user-friendly interface and an innovative photo search engine, allowing users to identify condominiums (Homeowners’ Associations) based on photographs alone. Detailed information about the buildings, including legal constitution, contract dates of condo managers, location, photos, and distribution breakdown, is readily available.

Syndi.be also specializes in condo managers, providing an extensive list of managers along with details about their clients and the buildings they manage. By centralizing critical data about condo managers, Syndi.be empowers professionals and suppliers with insights and analytics, enabling them to better serve clients and make informed decisions. Users can easily find condo managers through the platform, eliminating the need for endless searches.

The platform’s commitment to continuous improvement is evident in ongoing testing to incorporate additional building information, such as elevator availability and energy certificates, into condominium profiles. This dedication positions Syndi.be as the go-to resource for anyone exploring the Belgian condominium real estate market.

Syndi.be serves a diverse range of customers, including insurance companies, elevator companies, telecom providers, and more. By utilizing Syndi.be’s platform, these customers gain exclusive insights into the Belgian condominium market and access valuable information about condominiums and condo managers, driving innovation and growth within the industry.

To experience Syndi.be firsthand, professionals can visit their website or explore their exhibitor booth at Realty Belgium’s Real Estate Summit. Syndi.be’s knowledgeable team will be available to provide demonstrations and answer questions.

Overall, Syndi.be has revolutionized the Belgian condominium real estate market with its comprehensive platform, offering invaluable information and streamlined services to enhance the real estate experience for condo managers and industry professionals alike.



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