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Niche lab: how can niche markets impact the future of real estate?

An ageing population, blended families, millennials who only want to live in the city, … Project developers and promotors are constantly having to reinvent themselves to come up with answers to new needs.

Urbanisation has pushed property prices in large cities to new heights, widening the gap between supply and demand. In order to guarantee affordability and liveability we must use the available space more intelligently. All these developments create a wealth of opportunities for alternative forms of accommodation, such as co-living, which caters to the growing interest in the concept of sharing. The booming popularity of co-working also fits in with this trend.

In all segments of the real estate industry new tools and formulas are emerging that enable owners to capitalise on empty or underused spaces.

Student digs, healthcare properties, social housing, co-working and co-living, vacation homes, … all niche markets that answer specific needs or shortages and that real estate players capitalise on.

What are the potential new niche markets? Should we create communities that generate energy, water and food in their own homes and gardens? Or will we soon be living in greenhouses, churches or old school buildings?

koenraad belsack

Student Housing

Koenraad Belsack
CEO Upgrade Estate

dirk bakker


Dirk Bakker
CEO & Head of Hotels EMEA, Colliers International Hotels BV

Michel Vanstallen

Healthcare & Reconversion religious assets

Michel Vanstallen
CEO Imoya, Gedelegeerd bestuurde Dorian Groep

Philip Borremans

Reconversion religious assets

Philip Borremans
Head of Real Estate PMV

lucia marcuzzo


Lucia Marcuzzo
General Manager Central Europe at Levi’s

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