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Will co-working disrupt corporate real estate?

The growing co-working trend on the (inter)national office market appears unstoppable. Meanwhile a company like Wework has become the largest tenant in New York and London even though it was founded less than a decade ago. An important reason for the success of this new trend is the higher demand for flexibility. Nowadays many companies are not inclined to sign a 9-year lease. Also, more and more firms are searching for alternatives that keep their staff away from the endless tailbacks to and from work. The growing role of the sharing economy is also a factor. 

Some regard co-working as a passing trend, with fashionable co-working and work spaces that mainly target creative hipsters and youngsters. Others claim that SMEs and major companies are also starting to realise that such locations are an interesting base of operations for their staff.
What does the growing popularity of flexible office space mean for the conventional office market? Do building owners have reason to worry? 

Or does the answer lies somewhere in between and is a good mix between classic and flexible office space with a short and long-term offer the answer for the future and for building owners?

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Cancellation of Realty Belgium edition of 17 & 18 September in Knokke

The 12th edition of Realty Belgium – the biggest Belgian real estate summit that was to be held on 17 and 18 September this year at the Knokke-Heist casino and Albertstrand – will not take place in 2020.

The Realty event's organiser Easyfairs Belgium has decided to cancel this years's edition due to the unprecedented situation caused by the COVID-19 virus and amid growing uncertainty about whether the summit could take place in September. Last week the aldermen's college of Knokke-Heist decided that all major events planned until 31 August are to be cancelled. At the end of May, it will be decided what will happen to events to be held from September onwards, such as Realty Belgium.

Because there is uncertainty about whether or not Realty can go ahead, the partner exhibitors are unable to make a final decision on their participation and no tickets can be sold to real estate professionals just yet.

The international real estate fair Mipim, wich was to take place in Cannes in March, has recently also announced a two-day networking event for het sector in Paris in September. Professional real estate association UPSI-BVS, a long time Realty partner, has announced that it is cancelling all its events for 2020 as well. All these external factors have meant that Easyfairs Belgium will not be able to guarantee a first-rate, high-quality event for the Belgian real estate sector in 2020. It has therefor decided to cancel the September 2020 edition of Realty and Immo Invest Days.

Realty and Immo Invest Days would like to thank its partners and the real estate community for their understanding and their support over the last weeks.