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Internationalisation: is the grass greener outside of Belgium?

The real estate sector is often a local affair but the industry as a whole is not immune from the trend of globalisation. Many companies look abroad. More and more businesses are taking the bold step of taking their expertise beyond our borders as well.

However, as far as real estate goes, every country or region has its individual and specific standards, laws and procedures. Setting up a project abroad requires in-depth knowledge of the local market as well as the right preparation. In some cases the key to success is collaboration with local players who are intimately familiar with the market.

Realty brings inspiring cases presented by Belgian real estate entrepreneurs who ventured abroad and expanded their activities outside of Belgium.

How did they go about it and why? Where did they go and why that country specifically? What challenges did they face and how did they deal with them? How did they finance their project?

And – important question – would they do it again? So how green is the grass outside of Belgium?

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