High potentials

22 September  |  11:30 – 13:30  |  Content Hub 2

High potential in the real estate industry

Our sector is competing for talent with other industries and unfortunately real-estate isn’t winning this battle. This is why Realty launched an initiative in 2019 to attract more starters in real-estate.

Our student team is selecting 100+ students from most Belgian universities/colleges who are entering the professional field this year (or up until 2023). These are young, eager-to-learn, cannot-wait-to-start personalities, interested in working in real estate and looking for internship and/or career opportunities. The students will attend the second day of Realty (22nd of September).

We will share a resume-database with our partners prior to Realty, in order to stimulate personal matchmaking. Our (Be Smart en Ba Ambitious) partners are also invited to pitch their respective company to this particularly promising audience. The ideal location for your HR staff to identify tomorrow’s management trainees.

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