An interview with Prof. Alexander D’Hooghe – Professor MIT / Partner Design Firm ORG

Real Estate versus Mobility
Can you work on mobility problems in the Belgian context and is there a relationship with the real estate market? There it is interesting to go to a model of decentralized mobility. This means that in addition to square meters, real estate also offers accessibility. You go to a “bundled offer”, where packages of square meters are offered in combination with the way to get to your location. 

Cities versus countryside
In our country, there are urban spaces, where there is not much room to circulate. The only solution here is mass transport. On the other hand, we have spaces where only private vehicles can offer the solution. The terrible thing is that these 2 solutions are totally not applicable to each other. They even exclude each other. 

Mission accomplished!
Solutions are possible, also for our country. We have taken two test areas, one in Antwerp and one in Brussels, so see wath such a solution might look like. For us, this test gave hopefull results. We would like to present these results at the Realty Summit on Thursday 19 September. 

Professor Alexander D’Hooghe, Professor MIT / Partner Design “Organization for Permanent Modernity”

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