An interview with Dirk Paelinck, CEO Interoffices and Workero

What do Interoffices and Workero do?
Interoffices is the second largest network of coworking and business centers in Belgium. Workero is a digital platform that creates coworking settings within company walls. 

Why are you participating in Realty?
Realty is a real summit. It is going to be a meeting place where people want to meet investors on the one hand and startups on the other hand. That is also the reason why I organize a breakfast session with Workero. At this breakfast, the Chief Economist of the European Commission, Rudy Aernoudt, will be present. 

Who would you like to meet at Realty?
I’m interested in meeting people who can offer solutions in the new trends of real estate.

Why is Realty an opportunity?
It is an opportunity to bring both start ups and scale ups together with established values in real estate. 

Dirk Paelinck, CEO Interoffices & Workero, partners of Realty 2019

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