An interview with Amaury de Crombrugghe, CIO AG Real Estate


Why gather the real estate sector at Realty? 
It is and always has been a place to meet and share ideas. Although “we all know eachother” it’s an opportunity to meet in a more informal way and to understand what everybody is working on. Also, it is important to stress the fact that Realty is a national event that unites all the Belgian and even foreign real estate actors.  

Realty becomes a summit. Who do you want to meet?
There is definitely a social mechanism working. The fact that municipalities, regions and cities are representing the public sector at Realty, makes it the place to meet everyone in one place. 

Actually, it’s not really the location that matters, but especially WHO is coming and WHY.

"Let's all try to be present there to have a clear understanding of the challenges in the real estate sector in the next 5-10 years."

Amaury de Crombrugghe

 Amaury de Crombrugghe, CIO at AG Real Estate, partner of Realty 2019

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